Is Your Loved-one's Depression Destroying Your Life?

Regain Control of Your World and Bring Happiness Back!

Some families even have to have their own children removed from the home because depression makes the home an impossible place in which to live.  It happened to very dear friends of mine and it was absolutely devastating to the family!

My name is Steve Lowell, and I can tell you from experience that when depression sets into a family, no one in that family is immune to its destructive effects.

 Is Life at Your Home Completely Unbearable?

A depression stricken home is not a very happy place, not by a long shot!

For six years I was what I call "a silent victim" and my life was completely unliveable as my wife, Sharon, suffered with extreme debilitating depression, anxiety disorder, a severe sleep disorder, destructive obsessive compulsive behaviour, rage and several other behavioural disorders. 

Over that six year period, our marriage was on a day-by-day basis.  I had, in fact, seen a lawyer three times, had the divorce papers drawn up and ready to sign at any time. 

I lived my life in a packed and ready state so that I could be out of the house in less then 5 minutes with everything I needed to start my life over again. 

Every time I was on my way out, which was almost every day, I was always stopped by one question that kept popping up in my mind..."Have I done all that I can do to make this work out?".  The answer was always the same.  "No.  I do have one more day left in me".  So I day at a time.  But it was FAR from a happy life.  I was miserable!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?...

You are afraid to go home because you don't know what to expect when you get there.

You "walk on eggshells" all the time so you don't set things off with your depressed love one.

You cancel plans and make excuses for your depressed loved one all the time.

What should be happy family events are turned into stressful and unhappy times.

Your depressed loved one is showing  bizarre or aggressive behavior towards you, maybe towards everyone in the family.  They have absolute control over the entire household.


Is Depression Robbing You and Your Family of Absolutely Everything?

Depression has cost our family literally hundreds of thousands of dollars!  It has cost us our home, our savings, our investments, our friendships and relationships with loved ones, it almost cost us our marriage, and my wife her very life.  Depression destroys lives...period!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?...

You have spent ridiculous amounts of money on pills, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, books, videos, seminars and anything else you could think of looking for an answer, but nothing works.

Your friends and family don't come around any more or don't invite you to things because they don't understand the behaviors of your depressed love one.

Your depressed love one is showing obsessive behaviors which have robbed you of your finances, your savings, maybe even your home.

Those closest to you are wondering why are are putting yourself through this; wondering why you don't just leave.

We invested everything we had into Sharon's healing.  We lost our home, our savings, our investments, many of our friends and we ended up over $150,000.00 in debt.  To top it all off, my health began to fail because of the relentless stress.  All of this was a result of our efforts to find a way to be able to make our lives work in spite of her depression.

Is Depression in Your Family Destroying Even YOUR health?

After six years of living in just about the most unhappy circumstances I could imagine, I began to become ill myself.  I developed ulcers, chest pains and huge dark circles under my eyes.

My doctor had me go through cardiac tests, blood tests and after multiple visits he determined that I was becoming dangerously close to having serious and irreversible health problems because of the stress at home.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?...

You have given up on doing the things you used to love to do.

Your energy level has dropped through the floor.

You feel heavy, sad, angry or stressed almost all of the time.

You are showing signs of illness; chest pains, headaches, upset stomach, sleeping problems.

You just want out, but you can't bring yourself to leave.


Your Life Doesn't Have to Be That Way; Here Is Your Solution

Sharon's miraculous healing happened because of all the work and research that we have done, and now we are committed to helping others who suffer as we have suffered.  This audio program is part of my contribution. This is how I made it through one day at a time when there was no happiness, no enjoyment of life, no more money, and no hope.

Don't let your life be the next one destroyed because someone you love suffers from depression.  You can't help your loved ones survive depression and anxiety if the effects of depression incapacitate you.  You must do what is right for YOU in order to be able to do what is right for them.


Introducing Steve and Sharon Lowell's

This audio program details the lessons that I have learned the hard way through our trials and challenges with my wife's severe depression which almost ended our marriage several times.


It's Like Your Portable Support Network

Because this program is an instant download, not only can you start making changes in your life immediately, but you can also download it to your MP3 player and take it anywhere; while you drive, while you're walking the dog, working around the house.  Anywhere, any time you need help getting back on track, Victory for the Silent Victim will be there for you!

Don't try to learn it all on your own like I did!  There is help for you right now and you will find it in this audio program.  Learn from someone who has been there.


Why Should You Believe Me?

Because I have been there, and I know how to survive it!

I know what you are going through and I know how tough it is to live your life one minute at a time just dreading what the next moment might bring.

I know that sick feeling you have in the pit of your stomach every time you walk into your own home because you don't know what to expect this time.

I know the feeling of helplessness you feel when your depressed love one is very seriously talking about committing suicide.

I know the confusion and frustration you feel when your depressed loved on is acting bizarre and completely unpredictable.

I know how it feels to just want out!

I have seen my kids live in fear of their mom, I have seen my wife in a suicidal state, I have lost my home, my money, my friends and my health, and I gained it all back!

It took me six years, but I made it through and so did my entire family, including my wife.

I did it!  I can help you do it!  But only if you take the first step.

You don't need to spend six years searching for answers, they're right here, right now!


This Audio Program Can Save Your Family, Yes Really!

Once I was able to put all of this information into practice myself, I began to see major changes in my own life.

For me, it took years to figure all of this out, and once I did, I was able to recover my own health, bring happiness back to my home and live my life the way I wanted to.

All of this also allowed me to be in a better position to help my wife find real healing.  This information has saved our marriage...there is just no doubt about that!

Here are the changes you can expect by putting this information into practice in your life:

Reduce, or even eliminate the stress caused by depression in the family.

Understand why depression causes so much trouble and learn to handle the problems with so much more control.

Regain your health and bring enjoyment back into your life.

Stand firm and confident in the face of even the most difficult challenges caused by depression in the family and avoid confrontation.

Learn to help your depressed loved one by knowing when and how to hold them accountable for their own actions.

Be comfortable in your own home without feeling victimized by your depressed loved one.


In this Instant Download MP3 Audio Program, You Will Learn:

The 6 most critical lessons that must be learned in order to give the family a fighting chance to survive depression.

The 4 unconscious stages of coping and learning to live with depression in the family and why you really need to be aware of them.

How your best intentions can cause severe damage to your relationship, and how you can avoid that from happening.

What to do when you are at the end of your rope.

Why you need to be careful where you look for help and support, and how to select the right people to turn to.

What steps you can take to make your own life FAR more enjoyable in spite of the hard times at home.


Here's What Others Are Saying About "Victory for the Silent Victim"...


"I could not understand why all the behaviors I had worked SO hard to control were being unleashed. Just 8 minutes and 24 seconds into your program I received validation from Sharon and your experience- that the timing of such a strong recurrence of my bipolar behaviors is not unusual in a new marriage. Steve, you have no idea the impact that small bit of sharing made on quieting my feelings of guilt and self-hate…I will also say Steve, that your program may well be the saving grace for my family. Thank you again."

T. Kennedy  (Orlando, Florida)


"One of my teachers once told  me 'You can only lead someone into the light as far as you have gone.'  And that is also true about leading someone out of the darkness.  Steve’s story is nothing less than remarkable, incredible and profoundly inspiring.  The techniques, methods and mindset that Steve teaches is utterly critical for anyone who is suffering from the difficulties of dealing with depression in his/her family.  The resources available to us are few and far between.  I am delighted and inspired that this knowledge and wisdom is available for families who are going through this tough time.  As Steve teaches, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There is hope.  And with his gentle and caring guidance, you will begin your journey in restoring your own happiness and speeding up your arrival to the light.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn from someone who has not only been there, but who has come out the other side, strong, happy and fulfilled."

Dr. Blaise Ryan - Ottawa, Canada


"insightful real life ways to get through depression in your family. I would recommend to anyone who has a family member or friend that is dealing with depression to check this program out."

Dr. Troy Wohlgemuth - Louisville, Kentucky



"In this audiotape, Steve shares profound and compassionate reflections on his journey as a partner of a loved one suffering from severe depression. He provides us with a clear understanding of the stages that took him from distress and helplessness to compassion and understanding.  The gift of  his insights is to articulate the experience of depression from both perspectives and to legitimize the experience of the silent partner who has too often been forgotten.  It is no doubt a priceless contribution"

Dr. Marie-Sylvie Roy Ph.D., C.Psych (Quebec, Canada). 
Dr. Lina Charette Ph.D., C.Psych (Quebec,Canada).
"I found your audio program invaluable. It was as if Steve was inside my head.
It's good to know that what I've been feeling regarding my husband is
'normal'. I am definitely in stage 3 & have been so for about 18 months.
Thanks again. You have helped me immensely."
Helen (wanted to remain anonymous - Australia)

"Wow ... you did a great job on the audio! You really have done your homework.  I can truly agree with what you shared.  Truly a very moving and powerful reason for people to educate themselves for both their families and themselves. You really touched on some real areas ... like keeping the secret ... I so relate big time as I still struggle with that!"

Blaine Macinnis, (Nova Scotia, Canada)


"I was spell-bound as I listened to your 'Victory for the Silent Victim' audio program.
It truly is your and Sharon's extraordinary love story; it has a profound message to 
ALL families--young and old, suffering from depression or not, simply lacking 
harmony in their relationships--the message of dedication to detached duty to the 
Other. Your analysis and lessons learned apply to everyone."
Anil Agrawal, (Ottawa, Canada)

How Much Is This Information Worth? 

Well, I can tell you that Sharon and I lost everything to her illnesses...I mean everything!  The only thing we had left was our marriage and that almost ended every single day for years.  If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved a lifetime of money, stress and unhappiness for both of us and our entire family. 


100% Risk Free Guarantee. There's Only One Way to Lose, And That's to NOT Buy!

If you are not 100% satisfied with this program, I will refund your entire payment, no questions asked, and you can keep the program!

Now Only $9.99 USD


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